perjantai 20. syyskuuta 2013

Spacial design

 LoLo&Rolo exhibition 2012

 Ivana Helsinki shop at Kluuvi, 2011
EkoDesign exhibition, Habitare 2011 
Avoin 140, exhibition at Design Museum. 2010
I have been lucky to be part of many interesting spacial design projects in past years. Here is some of them. I haven't done them alone so there has been always great team to work with.

New photos from Carry me home -table

These great photos are taken by my dear friend Maija Astikainen, very talented indeed.

lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

New Hattara photos

Iina Esko took also these beautiful pictures from the Hattara lamps and the design team .

Diamonds and Hapsu jewellery's

I took these great photos with my good friends.  Photographer Iina Esko,  actress Sara Melleri and Juuli Laitinen who did the styling. It was so much fun work with these fine lady's.

torstai 7. kesäkuuta 2012


 I was part of this great "Torikoju" project. We opened restaurant for one day in the harbor area in Helsinki. It was part of Finnish Restaurant day that was held now for the 5th time. We make a modern version from the Finnish market cafeterias, called Torikoju. We designed and also make all the things in the restaurant; dishes, coffee makers, furniture's, tent, fabrics and also food. We get help from chef Hilja Nikkinen, graphic designer Jenni Viitanen, designers Nathalie Lähdenmäki and Martin Relander. All these great photos is taken by talented Venla Helenius.

 Our team from left: Tero Kuitunen, Hilja Nikkinen, Noora Liesimaa, Annaleena Hämäläinen, Tiina Leinonen, Janni Emilia Turtiainen ja Antti Kangas.

sunnuntai 15. huhtikuuta 2012


We have a Light exhibition with my good friends Aalto+Aalto in Highlight Gallery. We show the Tassle Lamp and also new designs, "Hattara" lamps. They come in two sizes and four colors. Check the lamps in Highlight Gallery, its open on weekends until 20.05.2012.